Arguni Bay

Arguni Bay is one of the most fascinating bay I have encountered in real life. The remoteness of the area is undoubtedly hard. It is about 6 hours trip from the main city, Kaimana, with ships only scheduled at certain times. On that trip, you will eventually face the beauty you never have seen before, one of them is the whirlpool area. Whirlpool? Yeah, that is right. It is well known within the community as Arus Taputar Wanoma or in English referred to as Wanoma Whirlpool due to the nearest settlement is near Wanoma village. The captain of the ship or a long boat must have years of experience to stay out of trouble or you will be trapped by those whirls. It is scary.

After all, I really like the islands arrangement in this picture below. I wish I come back here someday just to feel nostalgic of the adventures.

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