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Hi, my name is Briantama Asmara, and I am a GIS Specialist.

I was never intended to just sitting on the office making maps. I love wandering on remote areas and helping others in need. I like to be part of something. Unfortunately, it is what it is. For many reasons, I fall into this profession, merely because it pays my bill and comfortable attires. It has been a long journey to make my name heard in the Indonesia’s geospatial industry. The competition is fierce and the skills are highly demanding. As I started to get a grip for an international location intelligence company, I was cut-off due to COVID-19. It was terrifying and hard to find a similar one in this situation.

As I endure through the COVID-19 and identity crisis, I find myself a new hobby. Cartography. For such a long time, I always aspire to make maps like in National Geographic or New York Times. With copying the style and adopt design technique and workflows, I was able to mimic some of the maps. This is still in the initial stage, with around 2 months I have been honing my skills. It is still basic, but it is a progress.

That’s the short background story. Thanks for reading!

If you should feel the need to write or hire me, you can contact me at briantama.asmara@gmail.com. I also available on Twitter as @brayents

2 thoughts on “About / Contact

  1. hello Brian,

    my name is Rinaldi and I’m from ternate, I love your work on ternate island old map. do you sell It for commercial?

    1. Hi Rinaldi, thank you so much! It means a lot. Currently, no. I was planning to sell it for commercial long ago but didn’t have the resource nor time.

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