Fulbright Indonesia in the U.S.

Fulbright Grantee from Indonesia (2008-2022)
Fulbright Grantee from Indonesia (2008-2022)

(Disclaimer: This blog is neither an official representative of Fulbright Program nor the US Department of State. All of the information is based on personal experiences of the writer. Please refer to AMINEF’s official website for updated and further information especially for Fulbright program in Indonesia.)

Whoa this is the first map I made outside of Indonesia! It is a rather whole new experience (projection, moving Alaska and Hawaii to the south–which is weird, and naming all 50 states). I always want to map the U.S. like New York Times but never got the idea nor time.

Full article on this map is available here.

Notes: if 2023 data already coming, this map will be updated

Data: Fulbright Indonesia Master and Doctoral Grantee (2008-2021) from foreign.fulbright.org

Tools: QGIS and Adobe Illustrator

2 thoughts on “Fulbright Indonesia in the U.S.

  1. Wah keren mas mapnya. Saya salah satu candidate 2022, skrg jadi punya gambaran. Izin save ya mas 😀

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